Who is Yaakov Davidoff

Yaakov Davidoff is an artisan jeweler who specializes in Judaica and other unique ceremonial Jewish art designs.
Yaakov Davidoff and his staff have a generations’ worth of experience crafting a wide array of jewelery designs.

Golden Havdala Set

A golden Havdala set fit for kings and emperors . Made out of two-tone 18 karat gold, weighing 6.5 kilograms and adorned with thousands of rubies and hundreds of diamonds.
It consists of five parts – each a complete masterpiece in itself.

“Exodus from Egypt” Chess Set

The “Exodus from Egypt” chess set created by Yaakov Davidoff belongs to the world of art. It is one of those esthetic objects that surprises us by their author’s richness of imagination and level of craftsmanship. Harmony between the three components – design, jeweler’s art, and miniature sculpture – helps reveal the theme of this work of art.

Yaakov Davidoff

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